LogFusion Change Log

v6.5 • August 25, 2020

  • Change: You can now force LogFusion to auto-configure columns for new files without prompting
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with scroll bar colours when highlighting is enabled
  • Fix: Auto-configured columns now support more separator types

v6.4.1 • July 22, 2020

  • Fix: Encoding in log files in now detected correctly
  • Fix: No longer asks to reload columns for logs with auto generated columns
  • Fix: Auto detect columns for pipe separated log files

v6.4 • July 10, 2020

  • Change: Added an option for Watched Folders to automatically open newest file on LogFusion startup
  • Change: Added an option to only Filter Logs when the User Presses Enter
  • Change: Added an option to automatically enable newly created highlight rules
  • Change: Added an option to auto-create columns based on a single delimiter (i.e. CSV files)
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused the 'Elevate to Administrator' button to throw an error
  • Fix: Auto Scroll no longer broken if an item is selected

v6.3.1 • December 23, 2019

  • Fix: Auto Scroll now works properly when an item is selected

v6.3 • December 19, 2019

  • Change: Scroll bar now shows the actual highlight colours for each line instead of just red
  • Change: Progress dialog will be shown when newly loaded lines are taking too long to load instead of just going "Not responding"
  • Change: Increased the maximum characters for the View Item dialog to 100,000
  • Fix: Lines before/after filtered lines now work for log lines added after the filter was applied

v6.2.1 • July 9, 2018

  • Change: Profile push syncing improvements
  • Change: The maximum value for the "Maximum Log Lines Loaded" setting has been increased to 2,147,483,647
  • Change: General Fixes and Improvements
  • Fix: The bottom of logs and the scroll bar will no longer be cut off

v6.2 • April 27, 2018

  • Notice: Now requires the .NET Framework 4.6.1 (installed automatically if needed)
  • Change: The filter box will now treat hypens (-) after letters and numbers as part of a string literal. This will make it easier to search for dates in your log files.
  • Change: Logs will now load much faster
  • Change: Log lines will now always be cleared after pressing "Clear & Delete"
  • Fix: LogFusion will no longer display repeating blank log lines to an empty log when using UTF-16 encoding
  • Fix: LogFusion will no longer keep adding the first line of the log if the file doesn't contain a line break
  • Fix: General fixes and improvements

v6.1.1 • December 13, 2017

  • Change: Push syncing improvements
  • Fix: Installer updates to fix minor issues

v6.1 • November 30, 2017

  • Change: Highlight Rules are now synced between computers using realtime push, not polling, for quicker syncing
  • Change: Filters no longer search line index numbers
  • Change: Viewing multiple lines at a time in regular logs will open in the same window
  • Fix: LogFusion will now parse different encodings properly
  • Fix: Highlighting will now be processed on the date columns of event logs
  • Fix: Editing key combinations will now work properly
  • Fix: General fixes and improvements

v6.0.1 • May 12, 2017

  • Fix: LogFusion will now respect the "Clear log lines when log files are deleted" setting when the log file gets overwritten

v6.0 • May 11, 2017

  • Change: Watched Folders can now close previous matches when opening the newest one
  • Change: You can now apply settings from a Log Category to an opened log
  • Change: Log Error icons are now easier to recognise
  • Change: Resolved an issue where LogFusion would sometimes not update the log correctly
  • Change: General improvements and changes
  • Change: Major changes to support multi-DPI scaling in Windows 10
  • Change: Improved Windows 10 compatibility (Anniversary and Creators updates)

v5.2.1 • January 27, 2017

  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented CheckBoxes and RadioButtons from appearing correctly on some machines

v5.2 • January 12, 2017

  • Change: New and improved filter text control
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where LogFusion sometimes crashed when closing logs
  • Fix: Improved compatibility with DPI scaling
  • Fix: General fixes and improvements

v5.1 • December 6, 2016

  • Notice: LogFusion no longer supports Windows XP or Vista. To use LogFusion with these operating systems, you will need to use an older version of LogFusion.
  • Notice: Now requires the .NET Framework 4.6 (installed automatically if needed)
  • Change: General UI and font improvements
  • Fix: Watched folder file matching will now work correctly
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where LogFusion stopped responding when opening W3C log files
  • Fix: The filter text box no longer resets the caret

v5.0 • September 15, 2016

  • Change: New and improved UI
  • Change: Added a new feature - Log Categories! Set default columns and highlights for different logs. Replaces and enhances Watched Folders.
  • Change: Memory usage improvements
  • Change: All HotKey combinations can now be customized
  • Change: Added an option in the Windows context menu to open files with LogFusion
  • Change: LogFusion now saves filter history
  • Change: LogFusion can now automatically enable Auto-Scroll when scrolling to the end of a log
  • Change: Added a new HotKey to toggle Auto-Scroll
  • Change: LogFusion now remembers the order of tabs between start ups
  • Change: Added new copy functions to the LogFusion item viewer
  • Change: New option to add either a comma or the system list separator as a column separator
  • Change: Added a new option to export logs to an HTML file
  • Fix: LogFusion will no longer flicker when displaying a network log
  • Fix: LogFusion will now group with its pinned icon on the taskbar
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the log would scroll backwards
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where LogFusion wouldn't display all rows if a separator was missing
  • Fix: Fixed a problem where the log source length was sometimes zero
  • Fix: Fixed an issue when the log lines were trimmed, the column size changed
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where message boxes were repeated
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the scroll bar was sometimes missing
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where LogFusion would start back up after installing on exit
  • Fix: General fixes and performance enhancements

v4.3 • August 9, 2016

  • Change: Now targeting the .NET Framework 4.0, which will automatically install during setup if needed
  • Change: General UI improvements
  • Change: LogFusion now uses the system setting for list separators when adding CSV columns
  • Change: LogFusion now uses the system setting for mouse scroll lines
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where logs kept scrolling when the maximum log lines was reached
  • Fix: LogFusion no longer shows the drag and drop cursor when clicking on a log tab

v4.2 • October 9, 2015

  • Change: Watched folders can now have default highlight settings
  • Change: Added support for Windows 10 per monitor DPI scaling
  • Change: It is now possible to sort by more than one column. Add extra columns to sort by holding down the shift key
  • Change: Added an option to disable the position line on the highlighting scroll bar
  • Change: Added an option to make LogFusion keep the current item selection when pressing Page Up or Page Down
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the log scrolled after it reached the maximum number of lines
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where auto scroll didn't disable when using the regular scroll bar
  • Fix: The line counter will now be reset properly
  • Fix: The event log preview will now display its fields correctly

v4.1 • July 16, 2015

  • Change: Column sorting is now a regular setting in the Settings Window, and is defaulted to off
  • Fix: Logs will no longer have duplicate line numbers
  • Fix: Log lines will no longer bounce when sorting is enabled
  • Fix: Tab characters will now be rendered correctly
  • Fix: Option to turn on and off scroll bar highlighting now works
  • Fix: Option to turn on and off tooltips will now work
  • Fix: The shortcut to copy line data without the line number now works

v4.0 • June 30, 2015

  • Change: Removed the OR keyword for the filter field, just use a space now. For example "cats OR dogs" is now just "cats dogs". If you want to find cats AND dogs, just use "+cats +dogs".
  • Change: LogFusion can now sort data in different columns
  • Change: LogFusion now remembers column widths when auto size columns is disabled
  • Change: LogFusion can now export logs to spreadsheets (CSV files)
  • Change: Added an option to show log lines before and after lines that match a filter
  • Change: Added an option to clear log lines in LogFusion if the log was deleted by another program
  • Change: Added an option to page up or down when clicking on the scrollbar
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where LogFusion stopped responding while trying to load a disconnected network file
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where logs did a short scroll when switching between tabs
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the date appeared in the wrong column in EventChannels and EventLogs

v3.1.5 • January 7, 2015

  • Change: Added an advanced setting to split long lines by a given character in tooltips
  • Fix: Resolved some tooltip positioning issues

v3.1.4 • January 2, 2015

  • Fix: Fixed some minor issues

v3.1.3 • November 4, 2014

  • Fix: Watched folders can now be on network shares
  • Fix: Advanced Settings can now be modified
  • Fix: Clicking and holding on the vertical scrollbar arrows now scrolls more than one time

v3.1.2 • October 10, 2014

  • Fix: Event Log IDs are now shown correctly
  • Fix: Ampersands are no longer hidden
  • Fix: General performance and stability improvements

v3.1.1 • May 28, 2014

  • Change: Added a "Maximum Loaded Log Lines" setting to cap the number of loaded lines (big memory saver for fast-updating logs)
  • Fix: Greatly reduced the API request sizes when syncing Highlight rules (saves bandwidth)
  • Fix: Resolved a logic error with Filter queries
  • Fix: General performance and stability improvements

v3.1 • January 7, 2014

  • Change: Added a "Clear and Delete Log" menu option for deleting log file contents
  • Change: Logs from UNC shares now re-open automatically on startup (can be disabled with an Advanced Setting)
  • Change: Highlighting rules no longer match line numbers
  • Change: Added an option to copy without line numbers (Ctrl + Shift + C)
  • Change: Added an Advanced Setting to control the number of event log entries to load initially
  • Fix: No longer receive an error about creating an IPC port
  • Fix: Really long lines no longer appear blank (20k+ characters)
  • Fix: Underscores now get shown correctly in log lines
  • Fix: Event Logs now show the correct error levels
  • Fix: License Key validation improvements (no more false invalid key messages)

v3.0.3 • June 5, 2013

  • Change: Text Filter can now be specified on the command line using "-filter abc"
  • Fix: Resolved a few memory leak issues
  • Fix: Double-clicking a log in the Settings - Logs window works now
  • Fix: Text Filtering now works as expected after copying/clearing columns
  • Fix: Log tab text is now correct when a log is loaded using a relative path
  • Fix: Log lines are now fully reloaded after copying/clearing columns

v3.0.2 • April 15, 2013

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue that could prevent highlight rules from being created/saved
  • Fixed: API sync improvements

v3.0.1 • April 12, 2013

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue that prevented the file encoding from being saved/loaded correctly
  • Fixed: API sync improvements

v3.0.0 • April 2, 2013

  • Change: Added Highlight Rule syncing between computers (Pro-only)
  • Change: Added a more advanced Text Filter query language (+, OR and - operators)
  • Change: Added support for Event Channels (local and remote)
  • Change: Added an option in the Settings window to load your License Key automatically from the LogFusion Online API
  • Change: The number of columns are now shown in the "Copy Columns From" menu
  • Change: Open button has been split into "Open File" and "Open Other"
  • Change: Trial license keys are no longer needed, new installations automatically enable 30-day trial mode
  • Change: New Advanced Setting: "Don't Show Confirm Prompt when Closing Logs"
  • Change: New Advanced Setting: "Force Auto-Scroll to be Enabled Always"
  • Change: New Advanced Setting: "Log Update Interval (for polling)"
  • Change: New Advanced Setting: "Show Filename Only for Debug Output"
  • Fixed: Quickly updating logs no longer skip lines (file and event log)
  • Fixed: A number of window sizing/moving/z-order issues have been resolved
  • Fixed: Performance and stability improvements

v2.0.6 • August 14, 2012

  • Change: Added an Advanced Setting to disable ClearType font rendering
  • Fix: Now focuses any logs opened from the command line first
  • Fix: Logs with only 2 columns now work as expected
  • Fix: Improved Windows 8 compatibility

v2.0.5 • May 3, 2012

  • Change: New "Support Request" button in the Settings window
  • Fixed: Now accepts new license key format
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug that prevented Ctrl+Insert from copying text in the filter textbox
  • Fixed: Performance improvements

v2.0.4 • March 5, 2012

  • Fixed: Highlights dropdown was sometimes missing an item
  • Fixed: Performance improvements
  • Fixed: ToolTip improvements
  • Fixed: Small UI improvements

v2.0.3 • January 11, 2012

  • Fixed: Filter textbox now accepts periods and commas properly
  • Fixed: Filter textbox is now larger

v2.0.2 • December 23, 2011

  • Changed: Added an advanced setting to override the maximum tooltip length
  • Fixed: Resolved a few small issues

v2.0.1 • November 22, 2011

  • Fixed: Logs with null characters are now processed correctly
  • Fixed: Logs that are deleted/renamed are now correctly reloaded so no lines are missed

v2.0.0 • November 18, 2011

  • Changed: Added the ability to open and monitor remote Event Logs
  • Changed: Scrollbar now shows markings for highlighted lines for easier navigation
  • Changed: You can now un-dock logs into their own windows
  • Changed: Line numbers are now displayed
  • Changed: Added a "Show blank lines" option
  • Changed: Added buttons to jump to next/previous highlighted row
  • Changed: Added the ability to ignore multiple consecutive column separators
  • Changed: Added an option to copy highlighting rules from other logs
  • Changed: Watched Folders can now be setup with a file mask (*.log, *.*) and can optionally look in sub-folders
  • Changed: You can now show the Windows explorer context menu when right-clicking in a log (to delete the log, copy it, open it... etc)
  • Changed: Added an Advanced Setting to hide the "Clear Log" confirmation prompt
  • Changed: Added an Advanced Setting to hide the "Rows Successfully Copied" confirmation prompt
  • Changed: Auto column-sizing is now disabled automatically when a column is resized manually
  • Changed: Now supports Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Insert to copy selected rows
  • Changed: Status bar now shows log file size
  • Changed: Added an option to show only non-highlighted rows
  • Changed: Added an option to "Clear Others" or "Clear All" for opened log entries
  • Changed: Added a "/noloadlogs" command line switch to prevent LogFusion from loading the previously loaded log files
  • Changed: New HotKey: Alt + O: Open Debug Output
  • Changed: New HotKey: Ctrl + O: Open Log File
  • Changed: New HotKey: Ctrl + F4: Close Current Log
  • Changed: New HotKey: Ctrl + W: Close Current Log
  • Changed: New HotKey: Ctrl + Tab: Select next Log tab
  • Changed: New HotKey: Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Select previous Log tab
  • Changed: New HotKey: Ctrl + X: Clear Current Log
  • Changed: New HotKey: Ctrl + F: Edit Filter Text
  • Fixed: An Advanced Setting's URL wasn't linking to the website correctly
  • Fixed: When the main LogFusion window is set as "Always on Top", the other windows no longer get trapped behind it
  • Fixed: LogFusion now supports loading more than 1 log file specified as a command line parameter
  • Fixed: Logs on remote machines are no longer re-opened at launch to prevent lockups
  • Fixed: Fast-updating logs are handled more smoothly now (less locking, smoother updates)

v1.2.5 • February 18, 2011

  • Fixed: Small stability and performance improvements

v1.2.4 • February 11, 2011

  • Changed: Added an option to toggle whether LogFusion re-opens logs when starting
  • Fixed: Huge performance improvements when using Text Filtering or the new "Only Show Highlighted Items" option with large log files

v1.2.3 • January 31, 2011

  • Changed: Added an "Only Show Highlighted Items" option that filters out non-highlighted lines
  • Changed: Improved memory usage when viewing Event Logs
  • Fixed: Event Log "Level" column was not sometimes not filled in correctly

v1.2.2 • January 24, 2011

  • Changed: Improved support for large log files, can now load even larger files

v1.2.1 • January 22, 2011

  • Changed: Removed the "Lines to Load" setting and replaced it with a "Bytes to Load" setting. This allows for more optimizations behind-the-scenes and allows for larger log files to be loaded.
  • Changed: The "Bytes to Load" setting can be disabled to allow extremely large log files to be loaded
  • Changed: Added a new Advanced Setting: Text Filter Delay for controlling how long to wait after typing in the text filter box before searching - set this to a higher value when dealing with large log files

v1.2.0 • January 13, 2011

  • Changed: New 'Internet Connection Settings' window for easier proxy server configuration
  • Fixed: Now runs correctly with .NET Framework 2.0 pre-SP1
  • Fixed: Button background colour is now correct on splash screen
  • Fixed: Font is now drawn correctly when the specified font can't be loaded

v1.1.2 • December 10, 2010

  • Fixed: Huge performance improvements, significantly lower CPU usage
  • Fixed: Columns are now correctly auto-sized after using the text filter

v1.1.1 • December 8, 2010

  • Changed: Added an "Advanced Settings" button in the Settings window for controlling various Advanced Setting
  • Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "General: Line Height Padding" for increasing or decreasing the line height manually
  • Changed: Watched folders now have a status icon beside them to indicate whether they are present or not (in Settings window)
  • Fixed: Improved font rendering (line height is now correct, anti-aliasing is now used)
  • Fixed: Font preview now shows the correct size
  • Fixed: Watched folders are restricted to local folders only (no network drive support)
  • Fixed: Fixed some small UI inconsistencies

v1.1.0 • December 6, 2010

  • Changed: Added an option to show tooltips for log lines
  • Changed: Added the ability to capture output from OutputDebugString
  • Changed: Added the option to customize the font in the Settings window
  • Fixed: Text Filtering string now includes the column separator value for filtering (uses raw log line text)
  • Fixed: Settings window tab order is now correct
  • Fixed: Ampersands were not being correctly displayed
  • Fixed: Right-clicking on selected items does not clear the selection anymore
  • Fixed: Reduced flickering when the LogFusion window is very small

v1.0.0 • January 1, 2010

  • Initial Release