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LogFusion 1.1 Released!

I am very happy to announce the release of LogFusion 1.1! This new version adds some highly requested features, and also fixes a few small issues. LogFusion 1.1 now has an option to show tooltips for each line. You can also customize the font used, in case you don't like "Courier New". The biggest new addition is the ability to monitor output from OutputDebugString function calls. This is invaluable for any software developers who are debugging an application and want to avoid physical log files. Some of the bug fixes include reduced UI flickering, ampersands not being displayed properly and right-clicking on selected items does not clear the selection anymore. To see a complete list of changes, please visit the LogFusion Change Log.

I encourage everyone to download LogFusion 1.1 today to take advantage of these new features and fixes!

What is LogFusion?

Do you need to monitor log files from a server process, or watch debug output from an application? Do you need a program that can do this quickly, with powerful features that make it easier? I'd like to introduce you to LogFusion! LogFusion is a powerful log monitoring tool that makes parsing your logs easy. Take advantage of LogFusion's Row Highlighting and Text Filtering features to quickly filter your log and only show the relevant lines you are looking for. Use the Custom Columns feature to let LogFusion parse and split your logs into separate columns for easier reading. Just like the popular 'tail' program in Linux/Unix, LogFusion can also auto-scroll and always show you the newest lines in your log files in real-time.

Dec 6, 2010  • #1
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