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v4.1 and IIS logs

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I was very excited to see that your company has a log viewer out. I use diplayfusion and love it. I've actually gifted it to a few friends.

When I got to work this morning I installed it and started looking at IIS logs with it. I have to say I wish it could do a lot more than I have been able to figure out what to make it do. Here is a list of the issues that I see.

It didn't already just understand how to deal with the IIS log file. Even with the #Fields: that MS provides in the header. It would be nice if some standard set of definitions are built in.

After setting up the columns and naming them I am unable to either sort by a column nor am I able to change the display order of the columns. Wait, I found the check box in the settings that allows me to sort by column heading.

I would like to be able to highlight by column. I would like to be able to search my IIS logs looking for 401 errors, however the highlighting finds all instances of 401 appearing in the logs, not just in the sc-status column.

Then if I open another IIS log file in the same directory I have to set the columns up on that one. I can't see that there is a way to save the column settings and apply it to another file. In the right click menu there is a copy columns from that allowed me to do this, however elevating loses the ability to copy from your non-evevated column setups.

Also, in general I would love to find a log viewer that would translate UTC to local time when displaying the logs.
Jul 28, 2015  • #1
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Thanks for trying out LogFusion! We do have an open feature request for automatically creating columns for those types of logs, so I've added your vote

We also have an open request for being able to restrict highlights to a specific column, and I've added your vote to that as well.

Regarding not being able to copy columns after elevating LogFusion, I couldn't reproduce that. Do you get a user/pass prompt from UAC when you elevate LogFusion? (i.e. are you running as a Standard user, and then entering an admin user's credentials when elevating LogFusion?)
Jul 29, 2015  • #2
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
The latest version of LogFusion will now auto-detect W3C logs and prompt you to add the columns automatically

Nov 2, 2015  • #3
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